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The weather information shown to the left is provided by a local weather station located within our community.
The local readings are uploaded to Weather Underground every 15 seconds. If you would like to see more detailed weather information for Olde Orchard Hill, please go to the following link.                      





Welcome to the Olde Orchard Hill Homeowners Association Web site
Our association is online to provide you with a wealth of information, services and opportunities and to share ideas and information. This will enable our members to receive news and announcements, access important association documents, forms and much more.
This web site is new and currently in a ongoing state of design and change. Check back often to watch this site develop and see newly added information and features.
Feel free to click around to discover something new about Olde Orchard Hill, the association and events offered to you by your Olde Orchard Hill Homeowners Association (OOHHOA).
We hope you'll take advantage of this service. Your input and suggestions will be appreciated.


Now that the primary election season is approaching, all residents are reminded that our rules do not permit the placement of political signage anywhere within our community.

The only signs permitted are real estate and contractor related signs.  This includes signs that represent a company that is onsite doing improvement work at a home in the community.

Modified 03-Apr-2017